Weight Loss and Detoxification

It is time to get off the weight loss merry-go-round once and for all!

Are You or a Loved One Concerned About:

  • Weight Gain
  • Difficulty Losing Weight
  • YO-YO Dieting
  • Inflammation and Chronic Illness

In today’s world, we all live in an environmental “toxic soup” consisting of the air we all breath, the water we drink (yes even bottled water can be contaminated), the chemicals we put on our skin, and the foods we put into our body.

Some of us are genetically better equipped to deal with the daily onslaught because we inherited genes that help us process theses chemicals out of our body.  The rest of us develop chemical sensitivities, chronic allergies, endocrine disorders, and a variety of other health issues, including an inability to lose weight and/or keep it off.

A lifelong accumulation of toxins breaks down the body’s natural ability to make energy.  Cellular energy drives metabolism… and every other health promoting physiological activity in the body.  When this cycle is disrupted, so is the health of our organs, systems, metabolism and our vitality.

A Healthy Weight Loss Plan

In order to promote healthy weight loss that can be sustained, I often recommend detoxification to help patients eliminate waste materials and toxins from their bodies, and to strengthen their elimination and immune function. This is important when losing weight because most environmental toxins are fat soluble which means they are actually stored in body fat!  When you go on a weight loss diet, you release those toxins into your bloodstream, and it is vitally important to do everything you can to eliminate them once and for all!

A successful detox does not require harsh stimulant laxatives. It uses balanced fibers and toxin-binding substances, stimulates liver function and bile production, provides targeted nutrients to support the neutralization of toxins and ensures their complete elimination from the body in order to avoid reabsorbing and recirculation of those toxins, and gently increases bowel movement to eliminate waste.  The end result is healthy weight loss that is much easier to maintain!

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– Dr. Ford
Naturopath, ND, RN, CCN
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