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First-Step Cleanses

Dr. Ford's First-Step Hormone Balancing Cleanse

Your 21-Day Program to Restore Hormonal Balance, Boost Metabolism and Renew your Vitality
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Dr. Ford's First-Step Digestive Health Resotration Cleanse

Your 21-Day Program to Restore Digestive Health and Optimize your Microbiome
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Dr. Ford's First-step Inflammation Calming Cleanse

Your 21-Day Program to Alleviate Inflammation, Pain and Stiffness
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What are First-Step Cleanses?

First-Step Cleanses are self-guided, easy and accessible for anyone seeking to transform their health. First-Step cleanses are a great way for anyone who would like to take the First-Step toward resolving chronic health problems, or improve their overall health.

How much do First-Step Cleanses cost?

At $199, First-Step Cleanses are the most accessible way to access Dr. Ford's proprietary integrative medicine programs and protocols. 

More Self-Guided Health Transformation Programs Coming Soon!

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