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QuotationI have Lichen Screlosus, an autoimmune disease. I was miserable and in constant pain. I decided that I wanted to heal from within and started looking for a functional medicine doctor. Fortunately, I found Dr. Ford. With her extensive medical background, I felt she was uniquely qualified to treat my disease. After a complete medical history review and testing, she developed a plan to address my condition with supplements. My results have been amazing; I am in remission! I highly recommend Dr. Ford; she saved my life!"
C.J., 54, San Antonio, TX

QuotationI've struggled with hereditary high cholesterol and by "high" I mean unheard of high for my age and lifestyle. I eat a healthy diet, I get physical exercise on a regular basis (even running marathons on occasion), I watch what I drink and I get plenty of sleep. I've tried every statin on the market (since the age of 16) and took such large doses that the medications made me physically ill. My doctor suggested trying a natural alternative since nothing was working...that's when I turned to Dr. glad I trusted her expertise! I was very open to trying anything and Dr. Ford researched and investigated different combinations for me, finally finding one that actually worked! I was shocked at my most recent lab results and so appreciative!! If you're looking for a Naturopathic Doctor that really does have your best interest in mind then look no further than Dr. Ford...I highly recommend her services!"
Gina B., TX

QuotationAfter many years of specialists and school meetings, we finally found a solution for our son with Dr. Ford's help! After being diagnosed with ADD, BiPolar Disorder, and Dyslexia we tried EVERY treatment and drug on the market...most costing thousands of dollars. We changed diets drastically and worked with tutors but nothing seemed to really solve the focus/attention and neurologic issues that our son was experiencing. After completing specialized testing and starting a targeted supplement regimen, we can honestly say that these past two months have been amazing! Our son is able to focus better in class and while doing homework, his worried and excessive thoughts have ceased, his outlook on life in general is sooooo much brighter. His teacher says that he is a different positive now. We feel absolutely blessed to have found Dr. Ford!"
—R.P., Canyon Lake, TX

QuotationI was a complete mess when I came in to see Dr. Ford. I was a complete "Jeckel and Hyde" around my period, and my husband was desperate for me to find help. After 1 month on my customized protocol, I was a completely new woman and my husband is thrilled!"
—Laura T., 39-Year Old, San Antonio, TX Resident

QuotationSeven months ago, I was so anxious that I was having panic attacks at work. I could barely function. Dr. Ford was able to develop a regimen that works for me, and I am not the same person today. I am so thankful for naturopathic medicine."
—Caitlyn W.

QuotationI was miserable and had been having terrible gas, bloating, and constipation, and sometimes didn't go to the bathroom for 8-10 days. Dr. Ford put me on a plan, and within 1 week, I was going to the bathroom every day, and my gas and bloating was gone. By the time I went back for my 1 month follow-up, I needed to back off on my supplements because I was going to the bathroom twice a day most days. I have never felt better, and don't understand why my regular doctor didn't know how to help me."
—Sue J., 43 Year Old New Braunfels Resident

QuotationBefore I me Dr. Ford I was diagnosed with PCOS and had not had a period in over a year. I did not want to take the birth control pill, which was the treatment prescribed by my OB/GYN. Dr Ford measured my hormones with a saliva test, and put me on a plan created just for me that included vitamins, fish oil, and special herbs. I had a period within a month of starting on my plan, and have had one every month for the last year. Dr. Ford is teaching me how to eat so I can wean off the herbs, but I know that if I ever have this problem again, Dr. Ford will be there for me!"
—Kendra A., 23-Year Old Kerrville Resident

QuotationMy mother had been having blood transfusions every other week for 8 months when I became fed up with conventional medicine, and called Dr. Ford. She looked at my mother's blood work and said that she had had one other client with a similar history, and thought she could help. She put my mother on a customized regimen based on her health history, and within 3 months, my mother no longer needed blood transfusions. It has been 18 months since my mother had her last blood transfusion, and she is feeling good. I wish conventional doctors understood nutrition, and don't understand why they don't pay more attention to it."
—Sally L., 55-Year Old San Antonio Resident

QuotationI have been dealing with depression and anxiety off and on since my teenage years. I had tried most every medication on the market at one time or another, only to find they would help for a while and then quit working. I hear this is very common. Dr. Ford did a urine test to measure my neurotransmitters, and then put me on a plan to supplement my brain chemistry naturally. Within 2 months, I was feeling so much better, and a year later, I'm still feeling good. The nutritional supplements have worked long term for me because it is fixing the problem, not covering up the problem. Dr. Ford is awesome!"
—Kelly W., 53-Year Old San Antonio Resident

QuotationI had a dexa-scan that showed osteoporosis, and my OB/GYN told me I had to go on Boniva or I would have a broken hip in a couple of years. I was afraid of the medicine because of all the things I had heard about that class of medicines causing jaw bone destruction and leg bone fractures. I went to Dr. Ford because I was told that she is known locally as "The Bone Builder". She did a simple urine test to determine my bone metabolism, and told me that we needed to get started on an aggressive plan. Six months later, we did the urine test again, and it showed that my bones were doing much better. A year after that, I went back in for another dexa-scan, and my OB/GYN couldn't believe the difference. I had been building bone without her recommended medication. She asked me for Dr. Ford's number because she wanted to know what I had been taking. That was 6 months ago, and according to my latest urine test, my bones are still doing great...Thanks Dr. Ford!"
—Cathy D., 66-Year Old Boerne Resident

QuotationAfter making an informed decision not to take pharmaceuticals for my advancing osteopenia, I investigated alternative approaches and found Dr. Ford. For two years, I have followed her advice, complied with her testing protocol, modified my diet to support bone health, participated in vigorous weight-bearing and weight-lifting fitness classes twice per week, and climbed stairs and walked a lot. For at least 10 years, my occasional bone scans showed steadily decreasing bone density, but my latest one—the first after taking my new regimen—showed increases at all points, and 5 of the 7 points measured showed statistically significant increase (greater than or equal to 3%). One point improved by 7%! My general practitioner, rather than chiding me for not taking the prescribed pharmaceutical, told me, "Just keep doing what you're doing!" and asked for Dr. Ford's contact information in case other patients with bone health concerns were motivated to take the alternative medicine route. Thank you, Dr. Ford, for your guidance as I succeed in improving my health!"
—Bea C., San Antonio, TX

QuotationI had been feeling less that "up to par" yet not really sick for a few years when I heard Dr. Ford talking on the radio. I decided to go see her to see if she could figure out what was going on with me. After talking to me for almost 2 hours, looking at all my medications, asking me about my diet and lifestyle, and teaching me about healthy lifestyles, she decided to test my hormones and created a plan just for me. It turns out I needed some help for my adrenals and hormones, and I needed to change the way I ate. Dr. Ford also put me on supplements to renew my mitochondria, and 6 months later, I feel AMAZING!! My skin is tighter and smoother, my energy level is through the roof, and I've lost weight and put on some lean muscle. My 33 year old daughter is working hard to try to keep up with me. The BEST money I ever spent!"
—Cindy T., 66-Year Old San Antonio Resident

QuotationI don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found Dr. Ford! I have had PCOS and terrible PMS since I was a teenager, and all my doctor ever did was put me on the birth control pill. I had lost a lot of scalp hair and had a mustache all because of my hormone imbalance. After following her regimen that she designed just for me, I am happy to say that I've lost weight, am growing my hair back, no longer have to shave my mustache, and most important, am off the birth control pills and regular! She is tough and you will have to do some work, but I am so glad I found her!"
—Cassie R., San Antonio, TX

QuotationI had been to 2 other "Functional Medicine" doctors in San Antonio, spent thousands of dollars on "packages" that weren't individualized, and felt like I was just being run through a "natural" patient mill. I didn't feel like anyone was really taking the time to listen to me and figure out what was best for ME! I heard about Dr. Ford from a friend, and decided to give natural medicine one more try. I am SO happy I did because she took the time to find out what was causing my chronic anxiety and fatigue, and worked closely with me to bring me back to my "old self". Thank you Dr. Ford!!"
—Gina S., Boerne, TX

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