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BALANCED Immune Health

Is Your Immune System Working For You or Against You?

Are you or a loved one concerned about autoimmune disorders, food allergies or sensitivities, seasonal/chronic allergies, chronic sinusitis, or just "catching everything going around"? Your immune system is your first line of defense! If working well, you can withstand even the worst cold and flu season without getting sick.

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If it doesn't work so well, you might catch every illness that comes along, be sensitive to most everything including your favorite foods, or worst, it might even be attacking your own body as in autoimmune diseases!

Immune Health Means Overall Health

Food allergies and sensitivities are the results of poor digestive health leading to "leaky gut" or increased gut permeability. Some people have eliminated so many foods they have only a small handful of choices remaining, which is not only inconvenient but socially isolating. Restoring gut health is the key to getting back to eating a broad selection of wholesome foods, and it is also key to a healthy, vigorous, and appropriate immune response!

Autoimmune disorders happen when the immune system starts attacking healthy body tissues because it mistakes them as "foreign" invaders that need to be destroyed. This can also be the result of poor digestive health and leaky gut. The only way to restore a healthy immune response is to restore gut health and then give the body what it needs for optimal health such as a healthy diet, exercise, plenty of sleep, and stress management.

A program to restore optimal immune health includes maximizing gut health, nutritional and botanical immune support, a wholesome diet, stress management, plenty of rest, and reasonable exercise. Proper immune function and freedom from dietary restrictions are possible!

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