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Dr. Ford's First-Step Cleanses

In response to the overwhelmingly positive feedback and requests for more information I’ve received from hundreds of people that purchased one of my “Dr. Ford’s Ultimate Cleanse” series, I have gone back to the drawing board!
Many of you asked about various supplements you’re currently using and how they compare to the supplement protocols I use in my practice for gut health, inflammation, and hormone balance.   Others have asked if there is any way I can share “just a little bit” of what I do with my private clients.
As a practitioner that has personally experienced the power of natural medicine, I’ve found that the first step toward health transformation is the essential “foundational regimen” that must be followed if robust well-being is to be restored. Clients often come back in 4-6 weeks for their first follow-up reporting that they haven’t felt this good in years if not decades! 
I’ve taken that simple “first step” that I use with my clients and am making it available to the general public so that they too can feel better and experience intensive health restoration!  I’m calling it “Dr. Ford’s Intensive Restore” series!
The content within “Dr. Ford’s Intensive Restore” series has, until now, been available only to my private clients, who pay hundreds of dollars for their time with me.
Now it is available to anyone that is serious about improving their health and looking for a system that works long-term.
It is safe, simple, effective, and always the first step I take when working with a new client; no matter their health concerns.  Dr. Ford’s Intensive Restore series consists of 3 unique “First Step” protocols for the most prevalent health concerns I see in my clients:
First Step GUT Healing Protocol
First Step Inflammation Zapping Protocol
First Step Hormone Balancing Protocol
Dr. Ford’s Intensive Restore Series will:
·      Boost your energy and vitality.
·      Make you look and feel years younger.
·      Stimulate your body’s natural healing process with system specific recipes and supplement protocols.
·      Be the first step you take towards totally transforming your health.
·      Provide targeted supplement protocols to support and optimize your specific health concern(s).
·      Provide easy-to-use dietary guidelines for the essential nutrients your body needs to process and remove toxins.
Each “First Step” protocol includes:
·      Dr. Ford’s “Intensive Restore” supplement protocol designed to augment the accompanying cleanse and provide systems-specific nutrients to promote optimal balance and function.
·      Dr. Ford’s “First Step” Cleanse shopping lists-the ingredients for the powerful and delicious smoothie and herbal tea recipes that are KEY to Dr. Ford’s 3 Specialized Cleanses.
·      Dr. Ford’s “First Step” Cleanse smoothie recipe-this special recipe includes a specific combination of fresh, wholesome foods that work together to address the specific metabolic needs of the body systems relevant to each of the 3 cleanses.
·      Dr. Ford’s “First Step” Cleanse tea recipe-a special combination of herbal teas and spices designed to nourish and restore healthy metabolism of the body systems relevant to each of the 3 cleanses.
·      Exclusive DETOX plan food list and weekly planner w/ shopping list and recipes (your guide to eating REAL food during and after the healing regimen)
Exclusive benefit of personal, convenient, and direct-to-your-door access to Xymogen; the trusted industry leader in quality nutritional supplements.
Which First Step Protocol is right for YOU?
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