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Group Consultations

What are Group Consultations?

Group Consulations are 8-week programs which include three 2-hour live sessions with Dr. Ford. Groups include up to 10 participants who have similar health concerns and goals. At-home testing and e-consultations allow participants to transform their health from the safety and convenience of their homes.

How much do Group Consultations cost?

At 1/2 the price of private consultations, Group Consultations are a great place to start your health transformation journey.

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What do Group Consultations include?

  • Dr. Ford's proprietary protocols used with her clients.
  • Comprehensive Digestive Health Testing with Guided Test Result Interpretation
  • Interactive group sessions on Zoom with Dr. Ford.
  • Guided Elimination Diet with Expert Nutritional Resources
  • Our Thinkific-Zoom Integrated Platform

Digestive Health Transformation Group: Ready to restore the core of your wellbeing? Join us utilizing our new Zoom-Thinkific platform for an interactive, immersive group designed for your digestive health needs.

Live Sessions Friday Oct. 16th 11am-1pm (CST), Friday Nov. 13th 11am-1pm (CST), Fri. Dec. 11th 11am-1pm (CST)

This group is ideal for chronic digestive-related issues including:

  • Acid Reflux
  • GERD
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach Pain
  • SIBO
  • IBS
  • Food Allergies

Registration is limited to 10 persons

For schedules and to learn more, visit the Digestive Health Transformation Thinkific Page.

To  check availability for upcoming sessions, email

Adrenal Support and Weight Management Groups Coming Soon

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